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Tips and tricks to get traffic on your website

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Tips and tricks to get traffic on your website

This is the top most issue arises to our bloggers and our website owners and holder to get maximum traffic on their site but they try their best and at last only 15% of success will got out of their 100% hard work.

But here in this section, we came with a wonderful software or we can say a wonderful plugin which enables you to drag most of the traffic on your site from the social media. As you all know that there is a lot of crowd on the social media sites like facebook, twitter, google+ etc. So, we will tell you every single required details to get maximum traffic to your site and earn more from anyhow like adsense of affiliate or by any other mean for which you are running your site. You can also get more downloads on apps through your site and get more amount through affiliate link.

Here now discussing the plugin. We want to tell you that this software only works in WordPress site and enough capable to drag most of traffic from you social media profiles. This plugin will directly post you articles on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google+ and on many other sites and after watching your ads or your posting on that page or group your visitors will directly came to the site. As you know that the number count in a Facebook group is very much big like in lacks and even more so in this case if you got 10-20k visitors out of lacks through one post. Having such visitors through one post on single group is a huge achievement and imagine if your post automatically shares on same 20-50 groups and now imagine the members in that group and now imagine the visitors coming on your site through your posting on all that groups.

This is the world class technique which prevents you to get blocked for posting on Facebook. In normal way, Facebook block you after 4-5 regular post. But using this plugin you can post happily even after 100 groups like same members.

This video tells you more about the Service (English language)


The name of this plugin is Auto-share on social media and it is created by Next-script. But we are only providing you knowledge regarding this software because we are using this plugin currently and believe us that this is a awesome work and creation. It works on nearly 98% groups, only show error in a few out of hundreds. Also remind you that this is a WordPress plugin and you need to have a WordPress site to use this.

This video tells you more about the Service (Hindi language)

At last we want to tell you that this is a paid plugin of costs 50$ per year, but if you buy a plan of monthly rental website from us then we will provide this free of cost till your sites goes live with us on per month rent at no hosting charges and no customization charges and a complete responsive site will be provided.

So, think wise Act wise.

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