Learn HTML heading tags for beginners

Learn HTML heading tags for beginners

Learn HTML heading tags for beginners

In our last articles, we’ve studied about the coding layout in html and different html tags which are used in header section. That is a very simple and bone structure of a website and you must need to follow exact to start a website. But if you want to make a heavier website with lots of functions and different features then you need to customize the coding and insert heavy codes inside that.

In this article, we will discuss about different html tags which are must for learning html and explain a bit about then. These tags are used in the body part and you need to place then as per demand.

So, let’s start with heading tags;

There we need to have heading in our page and it is must that you use heading as per rule because this is most important from the reference of SEO, we will study SEO in other articles.

There are six type of heading tags are there,

<h1>………….</h1> This is h1 tag.

<h2>………….</h2>This is h2 tag.

<h3>………….</h3>This is h3 tag.

<h4>………….</h4>This is h4 tag.

<h5>………….</h5>This is h5 tag.
<h6>………….</h6>This is h6 tag.

These six tags are used as per the requirement but with respect to SEO <h1> tag should be used once in the page and also it is must to use <h2> tags after <h1>, you can’t jump to <h3> tag directly.

Also you can use <h2> tags twice in a single page and <h3> can be used three time. But there is no limitation on use of remaining tags i.e. <h4>, <h5>, <h6>

After starting a heading tag you must need to end that exact tag just after finishing tag line or work. Like you started;

<h1>Your heading here.</h1>

It is most required to use these tags because these are most helpful in your website ranking in search engines.

Learn HTML heading tags for beginners


Most impressive way to use these tags in your page is to use<h1> tag in you page title, then use <h2> tag in your heading after that you can use <h3> tags in your subheadings. And then you can use following tags without restriction and also it doesn’t matter if you are not using the remaining tags because they have very much less preference in SEO terms.



We will discuss further details in our further articles, stay tuned with us and we will make you 100% to built your own website.

Comment below for any query or help, our experts will solve that out for you.

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