Is HTML still the backbone of web development?

Is HTML still the backbone of web development?

Is HTML still the backbone of web development?

In this fast technology, HTML left behind because of improvement in software and their functionality or capability. Today’s people want faster and improved work quality so they started using already developed materials in which they only need to customize a bit. For example, in CMS (Content management system) they started using WordPress and much more like Drupal etc.

In other frameworks like MVC (Model view controller) framework in open-cart and in more different categorised software’s.

In these frameworks, we get everything ready and we just need to customize them according to our design and for other functionality. These frameworks also included inbuilt admin panel but also we need to make changes in the coding section to get more accuracy in our work and website functionality.

Presence of these type frameworks and software’s harming the importance of HTML. As per the past records, HTML was the back bone of this web development field. And these frameworks are built in PHP i.e. Hypertext pre-processor. PHP provides more security then HTML so people going for already built secure framework instead of scrap made website which provides less security.

Is HTML still the backbone of web development?

But on the other hand, we are still using HTML in these frameworks. So we can say HTML is still the back bone of this web development category. In most of cases, we need HTML help to customize these sites according to us and HTML makes this so easy because HTML binds up with PHP language and makes our operation easier.

HTML sites are also running successfully all over the world, and this is not the least because in today’s time a number of people demands of HTML site. We and also much more developers are still building sites in HTML for our wonderful clients across the word.

HTML sites are helpful where you need to complete the site at one time and you need not going to change anything regularly and also not posting anything on regular basis because maintaining a HTML site is also a tough task only a person who have some coding knowledge can manage them.

After having so much discussion, the conclusion is that HTML is still the back bone of the industry and after in improvement in so much technologies HTML still have their same reputation in the marketplace.

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