Image and other important HTML coding

Image and other important HTML coding

Image and other important HTML coding

Here we are starting from our last article on coding in HTML website, if you don’t go through our last few articles then suggested to visit and try to make them understand. You can find our last article here.

So, let’s start with the next code in the sequence:

  1. <hr>

This hr tag is a horizontal tag and is used to place a horizontal line on the screen, this doesn’t have any closing tag.

  1. <q>Quote me.</q>

Quote me.
This <q> tag is used to place quotation marks on the both ends of the phrase or line. This tag needs to be closed at end.

  1. <s>Struck me.</s>

Struck me.
This <s> tag is used to struck the line inside the tags, this also have closing tags.

  1. <small>Make me small</small>

Make me small.
This <small> tag is used to make text smaller or shrinks. And this also needed to be closed.

  1. Image tag:

If you want to insert any image on your HTML page then first you need to place that image on your same folder gave address of the image or else you need to gave proper address of that folder where image file is.

<img src=”hrweb.jpg” alt=”HR Web” height=”420” width=”300” />


This is the image tag here, in src you need to fill the source of the image file in my case the file is in the same folder and named as hrweb.jpg but if you image is in another folder then you need to place src like:


You need to be more clear while providing path of the image.

Here alt attribute is used to gave image alt text this is used when due to some reason the image doesn’t loaded may be due to slow internet then you visitors can see that text and examine you web page.

Height and width are used to define the image height and width respectively.

Follow up for more coding, so as to learn you full language and to built website.


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