How WordPress website works?

How WordPress website works?

How WordPress website works?

As you know WordPress is a CMS framework, which stands for Content Management System. In starting WordPress only start to do blogging. But as it established, it becomes wider and wider. Now these days you can perform any kind of function in WordPress site and after having a admin panel it gives you wings to control everything so conveniently.

#webdevelopment: Now these days, people using WordPress to make a whole new site and also a have an inbuilt blog in this. So it will definitely increase your search engine ranking after working on the article submission and search engine optimization.

#responsivedesign: WordPress gives us freedom to use any kind of WordPress theme and to make your site like that. Even after using relevant themes we also need to customize some parts of the theme or WordPress. For this, WordPress gives us a complete admin panel with all privileges to perform any desired action in our website. But not all things are directly linked with the admin panel. In some cases, while performing some big changes in the theme or giving any desired functionality we need to do some changes in coding of theme or WordPress framework. A database will automatically have generated while installing WordPress and every values or we can say all kind of data will be automatically added to that database.

#webdeveloper: This database is the backbone of the WordPress site and if you done anything wrong or do some code errors then this WordPress database will help you to recover your site back. Database is stored in myphpadmin file on your server and all databases on that server are stored there with their unique names and these databases are connected with their respective sites. If you wish to move your any kind of site from one server to another then this database must be moved along the website folder or data because your website data is nothing without this database file.

In our further articles we will read more about editing WordPress site and changing it according to us.


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