How to start a blog website for earning

How to start a blog website for earning

How to earn through blogging

Blogging is the most preferred earning source these days and a number of people are engaged in this and the only work in the blogging is to write rich content not copied and meaningful also its beneficial if your contents are providing some informational knowledge.

Let’s start from very beginning, first of all we should clear about our topic of blogging and the topic should be catchy and should be topic in demand or in public search or awareness.

After the declaration about blog niche, you need to choose a domain name. Your domain name should be similar to your blog topic and its beneficial if your domain is like a keyword of your topic so as to comes in searches and visitors will go directly to your blog site to read out the articles.

If you want to target a specific country then it’s important to use that exact country domain extension so to rank faster and higher in search engines, for example if you want to run your blog for only US country then you need to go for .us extension domain ex: and in the same way if you want your blog to rank higher and faster in United Kingdom then you need to choose a .uk domain ex: also the extension for country India is .in and you can buy any domain which ends with this like

In this way a specific country targeting domain helps you to ranks faster in specific country and the type of domain extensions also work in worldwide so need not to worry if you plan to target the whole word after some time.

After above two steps you need to go for a suitable hosting provider to host your domain name and your website, along with that you also need to have a perfect theme for your website. Themes are only required in WordPress or also in HTML category but if you want to make your site in PHP type language then you need to have all custom codes but using a WordPress website provides you all type of ease of working on site or managing everything within the site.

Also if you’re a fresher and doesn’t know much about themes or hosting services and to manage them then you need a developer to build your website and to host them on their server. An expert developer will develop your site completely and gave you admin panel to write you blog articles on your niche and to manage you site. A perfect blogging site should be like this, to check click this. This website automatically fetches 5 videos from youtube on the basis of your blog title and this is completely dynamic. These five videos are most visited video in the field or topic and in future if any other video comes in trending on that specific topic then these video in blog template will automatically replace.

Having a complete professional looking responsive website is a huge starting point for your own business. Here you only need to write all type of articles on your blog niche and which provides information and awareness to your visitors which is also helpful in google or other search engine ranking. A rich contains consists of nearly 290-320 words. Most of the things will be covered in this word length. But you can write contents even more in length like 1000-2000 words or even more.

So, be a passionate blogger and make yourself completely involve in the blogging and earn more.

How to start a blog website for earning

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