How to create a quotation form in WordPress ?

How to create a quotation form in WordPress ?

How to create a quote form in WordPress –

While running a huge site or also in average sites you need to have a quote form so as your visitors can come to site and if they are impress with your services they will definitely contact you. And before contacting everyone wants a quotation for the work done. In this quotation form you can make user to fill all required things which you want to have while calculation their rough expenditure.

Creating a quotation form is quite easy and you only need to work little carefully nothing else. In WordPress there are many plugins which can help you to create your quotation form. Contact form 7 is the most convenient in this field. This is the simplest plugin to create quote forms. It’s a very flexible and completely responsive in design. This contact form 7 plugin automatically adjust itself according to the theme used.

Fast secure contact form is also one of the best in the field which will gave you all ease of working with contact form. In some of website contact form popup is also used so as to draw the attention of visitor and form them to fill the quote or contact form one and we will contact you soon for further details.

How to create a quotation form in WordPress


There in the form settings, you’ve given with different tags like text, email, phone number, file, URL, number, date, radio buttons, check-boxes, reCAPTCHA, submit etc.

You need to choose which one you want to have in your quotation form and the writing method is like this:

For example, I want date in my quote form then write:

<p>Your email<br />

[…………………] </p>


In this close brackets, you need to fill your date code which you will get by clicking the date tag, like this: (see in screenshot)

How to create a quotation form in WordPress

<p>Your date<br />

[date date-272]</p>


This is the proper tag and after inserting this, you also need to mention this in the incoming mail to you that to fill the value of date in the form. By clicking mail tag in the top menu and the code should be like this:

Date: [date date-272]

(see in screenshot)

How to create a quotation form in WordPress




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