History of WordPress framework

History of WordPress framework

WordPress Framework

WordPress is world’s most used platform. It comes under the CMS framework. CMS stands for Content Marketing System. The first version of WordPress was released on 27th of May in 2003. It is developed by WordPress Foundation. WordPress completed its 14 years in the online world and still ruling the web with almost 45% of total website in WP.

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WordPress releases their updates timely and are very frequently like in a month or in a few weeks as per demand of change and updating. Regularly updating your WordPress saves a website from being hacked. If a website in WordPress will not be updated for years then there might be some certainty that it can be hacked by spammers or malwares.

History of WordPress

At the very much beginning, WordPress was only used for blogging and this is the main moto behind the creation of WordPress by the foundation. But as time changes people start building fully furnished themes of WordPress and a simple blog platform converted into a fulfilled website. Now these days you can easily create a shopping website in WordPress with cart facility and other payment options.

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This type of change was only possible due to the establishment of WordPress themes and of new functionality plugins. These days you can get any kind of theme in WordPress and can build a professional looking website in few hours or a day and if you want to add come custom functionality then it might take few more days but now everything is possible with WordPress.

History of WordPress framework

WordPress history of changes

After a few years of updating WordPress framework, developers also including API configuration system to this platform. Now it’s much easier to get access other website data to WordPress website and to manage them in back end and to show creatively on the front end.

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WordPress basically having two formats one is post format and other one is page format. And having only main design for these two formats. Other than WP also included search page template, achieve template etc. Due to well-maintained Database management system the search function is now much more improved and you can get the exact data just in few clicks.

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