How to Earn Money from YouTube

How to Earn Money from YouTube | India | Hindi | PDF

How to Earn Money from YouTube in India

YouTube is an open video platform which gives you facility to upload your video and to watch others posted videos in free of cost. How to earn money from YouTube is the job is zero investment and minimum work. Also there are some of paid videos which can only be seen after paying the official owner of that YouTube channel. Today when there’s a lot of competition in every industry then people are searching a way to make money and earn their living.

YouTube is not only for Google Adsense, you can also earn by sponsorship of other different projects and channels. When it comes to online earning then the first thing comes in mind is only, how to earn money from YouTube in Hindi PDF and in India. In this article, we will make you totally understand about earning money via YouTube.

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YouTube is an easy to use platform. First you should know about the fact behind the working of YouTube. When you watch a video on YouTube there you might see ads on the video it may be under the video and in sidebar of the video. Also in some big size videos there may be video ads which comes before starting the video and in some videos which are longer then hours, many ads are injected after regular interval like after every 15, 25 or 30 minutes etc. When a person watches that video and if they find that ad useful and clicks on the ad then the publisher of that video get some earning from YouTube. In this way, when your viewers on videos get increased day by day and you start getting more clicks on your ads in the videos then your earning starts increasing gradually.

How to create a YouTube channel?

In order to earn from YouTube, you need to have a YouTube channel to upload your videos. Creating a channel on YouTube is totally free of cost. You just need to log in to YouTube via your Gmail account. A Gmail account is only required to login to YouTube. This is because YouTube is Google’s product and they allow us to use same Gmail Id and password to login to YouTube. When you just login to YouTube then need to write name of your YouTube channel and You’re done.

How to Earn Money from YouTube

Now your YouTube channel is ready to publish videos. Also in a huge platform like YouTube it is not so simple like posting video is just enough. You should promote your video on other social media platforms and should engage more people to watch your video. This is a pretty basic work you’re supposed to do. In 2018 February update on YouTube policies, it arises some difficulties for creators in their way to how to earn money from YouTube, but a little more dedication can make professional YouTubers success.

At this time, you’ve only YouTube channel to publish your videos but your channel is still not monetize for YouTube ads and at this time no ads will show on your YouTube videos. You Have to apply for Google Adsense for your YouTube channel.

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As we already mention that YouTube is a Google owned product so they will approve your Adsense request with in short interval of time.

Important things to know

There are many important facts and things you should keep in mind which earning money with YouTube and Google Adsense. One of them is to always post your original video on YouTube. Never try to cheat YouTube by download other video and to upload it on your channel. YouTube will surely find you out and place copyright on your video. And you will not get earning of that copyrighted video in your Adsense account. The earning of that copyrighted video will go to the original owner or publisher.

Always try to upload video on regular basis and try to give them a catchy title so that people will aggressive to find out what the video is all about and what is important inside it. Also never title your video in an offensive manner or illegal named or porn content named. This might be very much harmful for you. Always put such search kind words in your title and in video description which are more searched in Google search. Because this will rank your YouTube video in Google too and you will get more genuine traffic and this will also improve your earning.

How to earn money from YouTube

How to earn money from YouTube gives two three major resources to earn online, one is by applying Google Adsense ads on your videos. Second is by sponsoring your videos and channel. And third one is by providing different kind of services and getting leads by YouTube videos.

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Always share your videos on daily basis on social media platform like facebook, twitter and google+ etc. In this way, your new channel and new videos will start getting some traffic from social media and this will helpful in ranking YouTube video in search. Also if your video becomes viral on social media and a number of people start sharing it. Then it is very helpful for your channel. Also having a good number of YouTube subscribers is one of the best thing in the field. Whenever you publish a new video then this will automatically go on the wall of your subscribers and they will watch that.

How to earn money from YouTube is not as tough task but posting genuine and original content which is valuable is most required on this platform.

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