Different text coding tags in HTML for beginners

Different text coding tags in HTML for beginners

Different text coding tags in HTML for beginners

Here in this article we will study more about the tags which are used to write text and to gave different functionality to our newly built website. If you didn’t read our last few articles on html coding, then please have a look upon that because that are the most basic articles in order to learn html coding.

So, let’s start with some coding and their definition to use them beneficially.

In the very first you should aware about the <p> tag. This is a paragraph tag and you can use below tags inside the <p> tag and you after writing the paragraphs inside the tag you also need to close this paragraph tag like </p>

  1. One the very top, first comes the heading tag which we learn in last article and that is

<h1>Your text here</h1>

Your text here

This heading text is used to draw attention and it looks like the page heading also use of <h1> tag is must in order to strong on page SEO.


  1. Abbr tag –

<abbr title=”A much longer description with few lines”>Something abbrivated</abbr>
Something abbrivated
This tag is used to create a pop-up when someone move their mouse over the word like here the word is something abbrivated, so visitor get a pop-up when they move mouse over something abbrivated and in that pop-up it contains text which is “A much longer description with few lines”. In this  way, you can create text pop-up on any text.


  1. Acronym tag –

This tag is very much similar with the above abbr tag and functionality is truly same. It written like,

<acronym title=”As soon as possible”>ASAP</acronym>
It also does same like when someone move mouse over ASAP then they will see the text “As soon as possible”.


  1. <b>Bold this text</b>

Bold this text
<b> tag is used to make your selected text bold, also don’t forget to close the tag with </b>.


  1. <big>Make this text bigger. </big>

Make this text bigger.
This <big> tag stretches of makes your text bigger.


  1. <blockquote>Show I’m important</blockquote>

Show I’m important

This blockquote draw emphasis to a paragraph of text and make it more clear among the paragraph and draws attention of visitors.


  1. <br />

<br /> tag is used to break the line or you can say it is used to skip the current line and start with new line. This doesn’t have closing tag.


  1. <center>Center this text</center>

Center this text

This tag is used to make you text center like it will move the text in center which is written between the center tags.


  1. <em>Make me italicized</em>

Make me italicized
This <em> tag make your text italicized. You also need to close this tag at end.


  1. <i>Also make me italicized</i>

Also make me italicized
This <i> tag also makes you italicized, these both tags make your text italicized which is between the tags. Also don’t forget to close the tags at last.

You will get more HTML text codes very soon.

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