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How to apply for Google Adsense for YouTube

How to apply Google Adsense on YouTube

Google Adsense is only one income source if you’re planning to earn via YouTube. When you creates a YouTube channel and thinks about start earning money from YouTube then the first thing comes in mind is how to apply for Google Adsense for YouTube and get approved.

Google Adsense is an open advertisement network, in which you can place ads on your website and on YouTube. After the recent update in YouTube policies in February 2018, things become more complicated then before. Now they made a different criteria to approve Google ads on your YouTube channel. After these policies, a creator needs to have minimum 4000 watch hours in their YouTube videos in last 12 months. And have a minimum of 1000 or 1K subscribers on YouTube channels, only then their channel is applicable for Google Adsense.

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Types of Google Adsense accounts

Also, there are two types of Google Adsense accounts:

  • Hosted Adsense Account
  • Common Adsense Account

Hosted Adsense account

In Hosted Adsense account. You can only place ads on the websites or blogs which are Google owned or a property of Google like YouTube and Blogger etc. It is easy to get approved a Hosted Adsense account.

Common Adsense account

Other one is Common adsense account. It is used for placing ads on any of the website on internet which accomplishes google’s policies and terms of use. While apply for this type of Adsense account then you need to keep certain things in mind and only if you’re website is applicable for ads then you will get approval from Google. In this process, you’re website is personally checked for all instances by Google employees.

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But after getting approval in this type of account you can place ads on any of your website which getting more approval. But keep in mind that, all website on which you’re placing ads will definitely meet the terms & conditions of Google Adsense’s policies. Otherwise, Google has all the rights reserved to block you’re account anytime.

Also in both of these types of accounts, there are two more types in each type account. One is Individual account and other one is Business or Corporate account. You need to specify that for which type of account you’re applying. If you’re applying for individual account then you are supposed to fill you’re exact name. And if you’re applying for a corporate account then you need to fill the firm name and the representative name.

Things to know

Also in both cases, you must have to fill the exact name which is in you’re bank account either in individual or corporate account. Payment only approved and collected when you have exact name in your Google Adsense Payee name as your bank account holder name. Ever after the new policies on YouTube there things are not much difficult. You can still learn how to apply Google Adsense for YouTube and can earn good money but now if you start working today then your earning will start after few months like 4-5 months later. In this mean time, YouTube analysis, either your channel is applicable for ads or not.

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How to apply for Google Adsense for YouTube

Before applying for Google Adsense for YouTube make sure that you’re YouTube channel is monetize for ads. Follow the steps to enable monetize in your YouTube channel.

Step: 1

youtube adsense

As shown in the image, first click on the channel icon on top and then click on the YouTube settings button.

Step: 2

youtube adsense

Then click on view additional features in the next opened page.

Step: 3

youtube adsense

Then in monetize tab, click on enable button to enable the function of ads.

Here you’re account is fully enabled for ads from YouTube side but now you need to connect it to Adsense account.

Link your YouTube channel to your Adsense account

Follow this link then you will be redirected to monetization page of your channel, click on How will I get Paid? After that, you’ll be redirected to next page and click on next button in bottom.

Then you’ve two option either to create a new Gmail account or use your already created or old Gmail Account. If you want to use you old Gmail account then simply click on Sign In button and login to your Gmail account.

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Choose your language, English is default language. Then click on Save & Continue to next page. On next page it select you country in the box, Time Zone in the next box and fill your all further required details like name, address etc. Also keep in mind that fill exact name which is in your Bank account and also write correct address so that Google can verify your home address by sending verification Pin. Also you will not withdrawal your Adsense income until you verify your Google Adsense verification Pin. Then after filling you’re mobile and other contacts click on Submit my application.

Note: First publish 10-12 videos in your channel and then apply for it.

Google will take 4 – 5 hours to approve your Adsense account. And then you can start your earning from YouTube videos. If you still have questions about How to apply Google Adsense for YouTube then you can comment down and get your query resolved by experts.

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